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Oxycocus Elementary Experience


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Oxycocus   School
A Great Place to Begin  
250 North Main Street
Manahawkin, NJ 08050  



The Oxycocus Elementary School is home to our youngest population, 3 and 4 year old preschool students. The district has 6 preschool disabled classes that service our students’ special needs. In addition, there are 9 general education classes housed at Oxycocus. The students’ daily routine includes many language-enriched experiences throughout the day. Students are provided the opportunity to explore all parts of literacy: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children’s emergent reading and writing behaviors are encouraged and fostered by their teachers through the HighScope Curriculum. Math, science, social studies, and life skills are integrated into all aspects of the daily routines through individual and small-group choice activities. In addition, the teachers provide an environment for the children that is safe, secure and consistent, allowing for the social and emotional growth of the students.  Students also have opportunities for fine and gross motor activities and children that qualify are offered speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy.  A preschool instructional coach, preschool intervention referral specialist, school psychologist, and social worker support our school efforts to ensure success for all children.

 At the Oxycocus Elementary School, our faculty and support staff are proud of the many programs offered to enhance the educational opportunities provided to our students. We are even prouder of the achievements demonstrated by our pupils each day. We welcome and invite parent participation in our Parent/Guardian meetings and workshops, Back to School Night, and parent/teacher conferences.  We look forward to working collaboratively with our families to provide our children with a stimulating and well-rounded educational experience.