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Preschool Instructional Coach

The Role of the Preschool Instructional Coach

  • Visit classrooms on a regular basis to coach and provide feedback to teachers to improve teaching practices through the reflective cycle
  • Use curriculum developer reports and results of structured classroom observations (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale – (ECERS-3), Supports for Early Literacy Assessment (SELA) & Preschool Classroom Mathematics Inventory (PCMI) to determine and support a high level of curriculum implementation
  • Administer structured program evaluation instruments (in assigned classrooms) in the fall-winter to measure quality practices in preschool classrooms (e.g., ECERS-3, SELA, PCMI, High/Scope Preschool Program Quality Assessment)
  • Plan specific goals and training opportunities to improve weak areas identified from structured observation evaluations (aggregated data), curriculum developer reports, performance-based assessment results, Early Learning Improvement Consortium reports, and other information sources                                                                                               
  • Confer with early childhood supervisors to coordinate, articulate, and provide professional development for all early childhood staff
  • Provide individualized follow-up support to the teacher's level of development and plan small group meetings/trainings for teachers with similar needs
  • Support implementation of performance-based assessments to ensure reliable collection of child information through portfolio review meetings and professional development
  • Train teachers on the administration of the Early Screening Inventory–Revised (ESI-R)
  • Reflect on own professional development needs, attend workshops, read research articles, consult with others, etc.


  • Coordinate with the preschool intervention and referral team regarding requesting assistance for children with challenging behaviors
  • Confer regularly with the preschool intervention and referral team to discuss how to support teachers and parents with children who have challenging behaviors
  • Confer regularly with the community parent involvement specialist to plan for smooth transitions for children entering preschool or going to kindergarten and assist in planning parent involvement activities (e.g., ensuring that the results of the performance-based assessment along with other information about the preschoolers are shared with kindergarten staff, planning parent workshops together, planning visits to kindergarten classrooms)
  • Provide technical assistance to district and provider administrators to discuss curriculum goals, professional development, performance-based assessment, structured observation visits, etc.            
  • Perform additional duties as assigned that are directly related to classroom improvement       

This is my 25th year at Stafford. I was a Kindergarten teacher for 9 years and then became the Master Teacher. My new title is Preschool Instructional Coach. I work closely with the teachers and administration to ensure the preschool students at Stafford Township are getting a high quality preschool education.